Nothing is scarier than sending your child to school every day.  They vanish onto a bus, through a set of double doors, or out of the driveway in their own cars, and the adults in their lives are left to wonder exactly what happens after that. 

This blog was envisioned as a way (hopefully amongst several) for MVGS faculty and staff to pull back the curtain on your child’s school day.  Perhaps not in a specific way every single day of the week, but in a way that allows you to meet your child’s teachers, hear their thoughts, understand the initiatives and activities happening in our buildings, and keep you in touch with that world your child may not always share with you. 

Please check back often, and use this blog as a conversation starter with your child.  We want you, the parent, to feel just as “in-the-know” about our thoughts and ideas as our students do. 

And, please feel free to access the author profiles page to get specific contact information for each member of our staff.